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  • Whether you are preparing to protect yourself or your family from a Natural or Man-made Disaster, Financial Hardship or an Economic Crisis or perhaps just wanting to set-up & prepare your home to be a little more self-reliant...
  • The team here at BIG RIVER TRADING CO. have put together a combination of options, information & idea's to help you plan and prioritise your supplies in preparation for an emergency situation or start you on your way with a home preparedness plan.
  • Your choices today will help get you one step ahead when it counts – knowing that you have a plan in place and the backup when you need it to keep you and your family as safe as possible and as comfortable as possible when the time arrives will be a good investment of your time, money and effort...

Welcome to the


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for Home, Lifestyle and Family ... 

Your Family is the most important thing in your life, right?

But what if you couldn't help your family when they needed you the most?

Sure, life gets busy, finances get tight and if there was an emergency you could always rely on emergency services to help you, right?

Well what if they were busy helping everyone else...?

What if they couldn't get to you in time?

You need to learn HOW TO HELP YOURSELF!

And you can do that here.....


The Big River site offers a comprehensive library of reference articles and information about planning and preparing for an emergency or disaster...

We share articles such as news, stories,  information, practical ideas, projects & how-to's ... as well as emergency references & links and product reviews to help you become more informed and better prepared.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and educate you about the importance of being prepared and how you can do this in simple ways at home by yourself by offering you options, alternatives, solutions and ideas ....  

So, whether you are preparing to protect yourself or your family from a Natural or Man-made Disaster, Financial Hardship or Civil Unrest or perhaps just wanting to set-up and prepare your home to be a little bit more self-reliant – the team here at BIG RIVER TRADING CO. can help you.

Please take the time to explore the site it is full of great information ... see also our popular 'Prepper Pages' for the more serious minded ...

Don't forget to join our social media groups so you can keep up-to-date with new items as they are published and then you can share, tweet, like and email  your friends and family so that they too can be better informed and kept up-to-date....

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'Emergency Preparedness' focuses on reducing the impact of a crisis and being ready to respond and take action through preparations put in place prior to the incident or emergency situation.

Threats such as Natural or Man-made Disasters, Emergency's, Economic Stress or Financial Hardship etc. and the resulting impact can and do  cause disruption to peoples lives and the community through loss of services such as power, water, food and fuel re-supply, communications and emergency services.

It is because of the possibility of a loosing these basic necessities, that we need to have in place a safety net or back-up plan which can duplicate our current requirements.


Tune into Warnings

Source - EMQ Tune into Warnings

Print out the Tune into Warnings checklist and wallet emergency card
Everyone needs to understand the risks and the appropriate actions to take in an emergency. Before an emergency happens, ensure that all household members know:

Emergency Services use a range of methods to warn the community about severe weather and other emergencies that require preparation and action at the household level. When warnings are issued you may be directed to:

  • Finalise your preparations
  • Secure items around your home
  • Activate your Emergency Plan
  • Shelter in place, or
  • Commence evacuation to your predetermined safer location

Warnings are urgent - you will need to act immediately on the information provided.

Importantly, you and your household will need to have already developed your Emergency Plan, Emergency Kit, Evacuation arrangements and prepare your home prior to receiving a warning. Such preparation enables everyone to act quickly on the advice provided in warnings.

Whatever the emergency, you need to Tune In - Log On - Listen Out - and Act!

  1. Tune In

  1. Log On

  1. Listen Out

  • For the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS)used at the beginning of serious emergency warnings.
  • For Emergency Alert voice messages to your landline and text messages to your mobile telephone.
  • For local community safety announcements (on radio and television) for advice updates and to identify the preferred evacuation routes for your area.
  • For sirens and loud hailer announcements, that Emergency Services may use in certain circumstances.
  • For Emergency Services personnel who may door-knock your local area to pass on warnings.
  • For more information on Tsunami Warnings, phone: 1300 TSUNAMI (1300 878 6264).
  • For further information on weather warnings and forecasts, phone 1900 955 360 for the Bureau’s Phone Weather Service (call costs apply).
  1. and Act

  • Ensure all householders are aware of the warning and advice provided.
  • Check on neighbours and friends who may need special assistance.
  • Activate your Household Emergency Plan.
  • Locate and collect your Emergency Kit.
  • Activate and check your Evacuation arrangements and Evacuation Kit if required.
  • If you are visiting or holidaying in Queensland, or interstate, and do not have family or friends to shelter with, contact your accommodation manager to identify options for evacuation.
  • Keep your wallet emergency card in your wallet or purse for easy reference to access warnings and further information.
  • Display your Emergency Plan on the fridge or household notice board, provide copies to household members, relevant friends, family and neighbours and keep a copy in your Emergency Kit.

Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS)

When warnings are issued for major emergencies, relevant authorities may use the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS) prior to providing information on the emergency.

SEWS is a wailing siren sound used throughout Australia for serious emergency events such as severe cyclone, bushfire, flood and severe storm. When you hear the signal on radio, television or over the phone via Emergency Alerts, pay careful attention to the message that follows and act immediately on the advice given.

Emergency Alert. Be Warned. Be informed.

Emergency Alert is a telephone warning system that authorities can use to provide warnings to communities. Emergency Alert can be used to send voice alerts via landline telephones based on the location of the handset, and text alerts to mobile telephones based on the billing address.
It is for use in a range of emergency situations, including extreme weather events and bushfires. You are not charged and will not have to pay for the alert. Importantly you cannot opt out of receiving emergency alerts.

If you receive an Emergency Alert, you need to listen carefully to the advice provided and act immediately. Voice messages will be repeated if you hold the line. You may be directed to finalise preparations, secure items around your home, shelter in place or commence evacuation to your predetermined safer location.

Print a copy of the Tune into Warnings checklist and wallet emergency card to complete and use as a reference for when warnings are issued.

Make extra copies of the completed checklist and wallet card:

  • For all household members
  • For your family, friends and neighbours
  • To display on the refrigerator or notice board
  • To include in your Emergency Kit

To learn more about preparing for emergencies and to help your community, consider joining a community emergency service organisation such as the State Emergency Service (SES)

Print out the Tune into Warnings checklist and wallet emergency card

Find ABC Radio Frequencies


Meet the Prepper's with ABC Radio's Future Tense Show

The ‘Prepper’ movement has become synonymous with apocalyptic fear-mongering and gun-toting paranoia, but as Antony Funnell discovers, there’s much more to the movement than camouflage clothing and underground bunkers.

Every scout knows the value of being prepared. But for a growing subculture of so-called ‘Preppers’, preparedness has moved well beyond DYB, DYB, DOB, DOB.

At the extreme, some are busy stockpiling armaments, food and clothing while awaiting an inevitable Armageddon: be it religious, economic, social, or ‘all of the above’.

They’re the visible part of the Prepper story, but they’re not the whole story.

Other more moderate souls see being  better prepared for a possible misfortune as not only prudent, but a return to values of personal self-reliance and responsibility.


I think with modern technology and social media, just being able to see how often disasters happen makes people realise that it really can happen to them too.

Tom Martin, The American Prepper Network
Preparedness covers a lot of bases. It puts you in a better situation so that you have got the tooling behind you or the skills or the knowledge so that you can prepare for any change in direction out there that comes your way.’
Joycelyn, Big River Trading Co
‘My preference is to have more of a wider community resilience and a family resilience ... and that ruggedness that Australians historically have been renowned for, just being able to make do and being able to look after your mates in a tough situation. That to me is more in line of where we need to be in this country as opposed to each individual family building its own bunker and stocking it with rifles.’
Rich Hungerford, Bushlore Australia

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