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  • Shop Wild Earth, Australia's #1 Online Adventure Store, for high quality outdoor gear at great prices. Click here!
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for Home, Lifestyle and Family ... 

Your Family is the most important thing in your life, right?

But what if you couldn't help your family when they needed you the most?

Sure, life gets busy, finances get tight and if there was an emergency you could always rely on emergency services to help you, right?

Well what if they were busy helping everyone else...?

What if they couldn't get to you in time?

You need to learn HOW TO HELP YOURSELF!

And you can do that here.....


The Big River site offers a comprehensive library of reference articles and information about planning and preparing for an emergency or disaster...

We share articles such as news, stories,  information, practical ideas, projects & how-to's ... as well as emergency references & links and product reviews to help you become more informed and better prepared.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and educate you about the importance of being prepared and how you can do this in simple ways at home by yourself by offering you options, alternatives, solutions and ideas ....  

So, whether you are preparing to protect yourself or your family from a Natural or Man-made Disaster, Financial Hardship or Civil Unrest or perhaps just wanting to set-up and prepare your home to be a little bit more self-reliant – the team here at BIG RIVER TRADING CO. can help you.

Please take the time to explore the site it is full of great information ... see also our popular 'Prepper Pages' for the more serious minded ...

Don't forget to join our social media groups so you can keep up-to-date with new items as they are published and then you can share, tweet, like and email  your friends and family so that they too can be better informed and kept up-to-date....

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Antarctic melting: Coastal cities 'will have 2-3 meter-high sea defenses by end of century'

10,000yo Antarctic ice shelf will disintegrate in just ‘few years’ – NASA

The unexpectedly rapid melting of a giant glacier in East Antarctica may raise the global sea level at least 2 meters, a new study says, adding that such process may be unstoppable.

The research concentrates on the 150 kilometer-long, 30 kilometer-wide Totten Glacier. The glacier is one of the major outlets for the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, the largest mass of ice on Earth, which covers 98 percent of Antarctica.

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Indonesia tourist boat sinking: Survivors of ordeal drank urine, swam to volcano island

Survivors of Indonesia tourist boat sinking

Thirteen people lost at sea for two days when their tourist boat sank in Indonesia have been rescued after an ordeal that forced other survivors to swim to a volcanic island and drink their own urine.

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Rips form whirlpools at Lennox Head


Pilot Tim Howes captured these dramatic images of two whirlpools off Lennox Head beach on Thursday.

DRAMATIC photos of the ocean churning water and sand into whirlpools off Lennox Head beach have been captured by Goonengerry pilot Tim Howes.

Mr Howes took the photos on a flight to Tyagarah, early on Thursday morning.

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