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  • Whether you are preparing to protect yourself or your family from a Natural or Man-made Disaster, Financial Hardship or an Economic Crisis or perhaps just wanting to set-up & prepare your home to be a little more self-reliant...
  • The team here at BIG RIVER TRADING CO. have put together a combination of options, information & idea's to help you plan and prioritise your supplies in preparation for an emergency situation or start you on your way with a home preparedness plan.
  • Your choices today will help get you one step ahead when it counts – knowing that you have a plan in place and the backup when you need it to keep you and your family as safe as possible and as comfortable as possible when the time arrives will be a good investment of your time, money and effort...

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So, whether you are preparing to protect yourself or your family from a Natural or Man-made Disaster, Financial Hardship or Civil Unrest or perhaps just wanting to set-up and prepare your home to be a little bit more self-reliant – the team here at BIG RIVER TRADING CO. can help you.

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The earth’s land moves at least a few centimetres a year. But there are times when it can move metres, even kilometres at a time. This is when there is a landslide, avalanche or mudslide.

Landslides are the movement of large amounts of earth such as rock, soil, sand, mud or the combination of any of these.

The earth’s land is dynamic and is always moving. It moves very slowly and is calculated to be moving about a few centimetres each year. This is one reason why we have landslides. Some other factors in causing landslides are:

  • Volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Other vibrations in the earth due to machinery, blasting, construction and mining.
  • Erosion as a result of loss of vegetation, rivers, floods or the ocean’s waves.
  • Avalanches that can be caused by significant changes to the amount of moisture that seeps into the land.
  • Moisture levels can change in the earth from agriculture, the farming and irrigation of fields, or the melting of snow and ice.

All these elements are contributing factors in destabilising the earth.

When land is destabilised, particularly on sloping, mountainous or land with even a slight gradient – landslides can occur.

Landslides vary in size

Landslides can vary in size. They can be as small as the movement of a single boulder in a minor rock fall or as big as thousands of tonnes of earth and debris that fall to the bottom of a slope or a cliff.

How a landslide occursIllustration on how a landslide occurs

As the land slowly moves, by a few millimeters a day, it causes tension cracks in the earth and in the bedrock. As this tension increases and significant changes in moisture occur, from things like heavy rainfall or the fast melting of snow, the land begins to move more and more.

The image on the right shows how this movement in the land can cause a landslide.

Effects of landslides

Landslides can happen in different places and have different effects on people, buildings, animals and landscape.

Landslides can affect and endanger homes and lives.

Did you know?

  • Landslides are quick. In Canada, one landslide caused a riverbank to move 680 m in less than an hour.
  • In Australia, the worst recorded landslide was in Tasmania, when 35 houses were destroyed in two adjacent landslides in the 1960s.
  • Melting ice in the northern hemisphere can cause ice dams that block rivers and force water to burst through shorelines. When the pressure of the water is too strong, sudden outburst floods surge downstream with blocks of ice five to seven metres tall.
  • In the USA, between 25 and 50 people are killed in landslides each year.
  • The May 1980 eruption of the Mount St. Helens, USA volcano caused the largest landslide in history – a rock slide debris avalanche large enough to fill 250 million trucks.

Why the Earth is farting

A crater in the Yamal Peninsula, in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Russia.

(CNN) -- Every day, you have a close personal encounter with methane, a key ingredient of something we don't usually mention in polite company: farts.

Perhaps that's why methane is also called "natural gas." Unfortunately, neither propriety nor intestinal discipline can suppress its unpleasantness lately, because now not just us, but the Earth itself is farting.

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Sinkhole prompts house evacuation at Swansea

Sinkhole prompts house evacuation at Swansea

A Swansea Heads couple returned home last night  to find their three-storey home sliding into a large sinkhole which had opened up in their front yard.


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Florida Sinkhole - 12/8/2013

Families recalled today how they fled in terror from a Florida holiday villa after the building collapsed around them into a 50ft-wide sinkhole.

Guests were evacuated from the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, Florida in the early hours of Monday, after many reported hearing popping sounds, breaking glass and seeing large cracks.

About 30 per cent of the three-storey structure gave way at around 3am, and a second villa is now sinking, according to authorities.

One mother, on vacation with her 10-month-old baby and fiancé, said they were trapped in their room and had to break through a window with a chair before she ran for her life with the child.

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