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  • Shop Wild Earth, Australia's #1 Online Adventure Store, for high quality outdoor gear at great prices. Click here!
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'Being prepared for Life's possible disasters is very important and keeping up to date with whats available to you for such a situation is just as important. At the Big River Trading Co. Website you can achieve all of this and more.

Advertising on this site has been a great place to showcase our Happy Camper Gourmet meals as they are perfect for keeping aside for an Emergency situation as they don't need refrigeration.

The Big River Trading Co. has helped us expand our audience by reaching out to people who are looking for great info on Preparedness'.....

Rachel and her husband Peter proudly established, own and manage Happy Camper Gourmet, a unique Australian Business that produces high quality, home-style meals in a ready-to-serve pouch.  

Rachel and Peter saw an opportunity to provide shelf-stable, long-life, easy to cook and prepare food for campers and travellers, but in the process were able to create a stable market for the beef and sheep produced on their family farm.

To provide their unique Australian meals for everyone to enjoy, Rachel and Peter have been working with a major food manufacturing company   where they are constantly  developing new ideas...

Since the establishment of their business back in 2009, their hard work and commitment has been acknowledged by being chosen as 'Winner' and 'Finalist' at the Gippsland Business Awards for 2012 and 2013 in different nominated categories.

Prepping with Happy Camper Gourmet

So, why should you use Happy Camper Gourmet for your preparing of any disaster that should arise on or off our Aussie shores?

  • Made for the Australian Climate.
  • Real Aussie meat, not synthetic or reconstituted.
  • Wont cause constipation.
  • No nutrients lost in the process.
  • Suggested storage life is 10,15 or 25 years (if stored correctly). UPDATED!
  • No additional potable water required.
  • Not affected by heat.
  • No added MSG,Preservatives,Artificial Flavours
  • Large orders for storage available. UPDATED!
  • Made and Grown in Australia.

To see their range of products follow this link to our Product Guide & Review pages...